What is the Point? Why Coniferous plants have a place in our gardens

Every fall we say goodbye to another season of beautiful flowers and perennials.  With the on set of fall, we see five months of dreary snowy blah.  If you have laid out your garden with careful planning, you may be able to create some interesting textures and colours from the bark colour of shrubs and grasses. Bark and grasses although pleasant will not fill the void and will leave our yards and gardens looking all too bleak for more than half the year.  That is when we need to turn to our coniferous friends.

There is a conifer for every structural garden need.  Here are a few needs and conifers that fit the bill.

For every yard there is a place that stands out where a conifer could and should go.  Don’t let the their lack of flowers hold you back, remember that they look great 12 months a year.

When in doubt ask the experts at Little Creek Landscaping and keep bringing your outdoor living dreams to life!