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There is more to landscape gardening than haphazardly collecting plants and flowers. It requires Planting and Gardening | Little Creek Landscaping Edmonton & Calgary extensive planning and organizing to produce a beautiful and even thematic garden. Landscape gardening will require you to embrace numerous aspects of architecture, including color, scale, line and texture to achieve an aesthetically pleasing garden. For instance, you will find that matching colors to other similar colors like warm yellows to reds and cool greens to cool blues will excite the senses. While warm colors are likely to attract attention, cooler colors tend to have a relaxing effect, making them ideal for a meditation garden.

You should also pay attention to the lines of your design, which will determine the way viewers will follow the various groupings of plants and border areas. For example, abrupt straight lines and smooth lines will essentially impart different feelings and different responses from those experiencing your garden. Other factors to consider are form and texture. The form relates to the various shapes that are prevalent in your garden, including rounded bushes or triangular conifers. On the other hand, the texture is determined by how the various plants work together to create a particular look; soft, course, etc.

After establishing your selection of flowers and plants and your forms and textures, you may wish to compliment them with a hardscape. This includes stonework, fountains, walkways, fences, gazebos and pergolas. These hardscape items are integral to landscape gardening and they will provide you with a theme as well as focal points. We recommend to construct/install your hardscaping first and subsequently fill around them to create an amazing garden.

Landscape gardening remains extremely popular not only due to its aesthetic value, but also due to its function. A garden can not only offer you solitude and harmony in your home, it can also highlight features of your property, such as a great view or wandering creek. You may also employ landscape gardening to block out potential undesirable views, or to mask parts of your property that are unappealing.

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