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Creating Beautiful Landscape Designs since 2007

The Little Creek Landscaping Design Studio has been creating beautiful landscape designs in Edmonton, Sherwood Park and Calgary since 2007 with passion, integrity and knowledge. Your landscape project is potentially a large investment in your home.

Hiring an experienced landscape designer that can flawlessly bring your landscape design ideas to life can actually save you money by avoiding costly alterations or fixing poorly planned features.

Proper planning and professional installation of retaining walls, patios, stonework, water features, pergolas or garden designs will add value to your home, as well as creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing landscape that your family can enjoy all twelve months of the year.


Our designers will work with you to align your needs and wants within your budget.

Choose from a variety of design types to suit your needs and bring your ideas to life. There are various stages we walk through our clients in the design process so we can collaboarte effciently and accurately.

Landingscaping Blueprints

Our landscape design studio will add their expertise to your vision and create an outdoor environment that you will truly love. Bylaws and Permits can create unforeseen obstacles when planning your landscape; however, with our expertise we will make the permitting process effortless. Our Landscape Studio will create a cohesive landscape plan that will allow you to plan your project with as many phasing options as you wish. Our designers will help you choose the best materials for your project, that will both align with your budget and maintenance requirements. If you are having trouble envisioning what your design will look like, or we can create full scale digital models, 3D renderings, or construction documents.

Landscape Rendering Plan

Little Creek Landscaping is making outdoor living dreams a reality one design at a time, let our Design Studio make yours a reality too.

Little Creek Landscaping is a design/build company giving you the advantage by having our designers see your project through from concept to completion. Whether you have a large or small, old or new home our design team will add their expert advice and landscape design ideas to your project helping you see the hidden potential that lies just outside your doorway. If you have a mature home, our designers will advise you of the potential complications caused by mature trees and drainage issues saving time, headaches and potentially thousands of dollars. If you are starting your home from the ground up, it is never too early to bring in a Landscape Designer. Working in concert with Architects, and Interior Designers our Landscape Designers can help to create a dramatic and beautiful home where the interior blends seamlessly with the exterior.

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Little Creek Landscaping is making outdoor living dreams a reality one design at a time, let our Design Studio make yours a reality too.