Cultured Stone

The landscape design of both your front and backyard can potentially create a great place to bring friends for entertainment. You may incorporate a beautiful hardscape made of stone in a number of ways, including creating a stone wall, driveway, paved walkway, or patio, without necessarily using the dull grey concrete. Discussed below are landscape design ideas that will help you in achieving a customized backyard with a beautiful feel and appearance.

It is recommendable to use light-colored stone when constructing a walkway, pool deck, or patio. Such stones will be cooler on your feet in addition to absorbing less light. Ensure that you employ the concept of a retaining wall, regardless of the kind of pool decks or walkways you decide to construct in your yard. This will serve to separate the hardscape from the landscaping features.

Building your driveway with something other than concrete will essentially allow your home to stand out. For instance, you may use cobblestones; these are remarkably durable. However, they are quite expensive and removal of snow can be quite challenging.

Moreover, you may choose to use earth toned concrete or cultured stone to break away from the monotony of using regular concrete.

Other stones include:

  • Flagstone: This is among the most commonly used stones for outdoor stone projects, including building pathways and patios. It often consists of a wide range of rock materials and it usually lasts for many years.
  • Limestone: This is popularly used on houses for the outer walls, patios and walking areas. It is also highly resistant to the outdoor elements, which makes it a diverse landscaping stone.
  • Quartzite: This is an extremely hard stone with a shiny appearance. It is especially attractive at night when it reflects the light. It is ideal for surrounding flower beds as decorative gravel.
  • Slate: This is easily breakable into thin, flat pieces. It is often used as a path stone. It is also ideal for building ponds and waterscapes owing to its water resistant properties.

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Regardless of the landscaping material you eventually settle on, contact Little Creek Landscaping to discuss your landscape design ideas. If you are contemplating landscaping in Edmonton and Calgary, including adding a walkway, retaining wall, pond, patio, arches or an outdoor stone fireplace, stonework landscaping will give you an elegant oasis and backyard retreat for you and your family.