Outdoor Plants That Even You Can’t Kill


Purple Rain

Desert Rose

No, it’s not only music superstar Prince’s magnum opus, it’s also a gorgeous species of sage properly named Salvia Verticillata. This border flower can accentuate any garden, and they even attract butterflies! These smoke-colored lavender-like plants only need moist soil to grow, and do best in full sunlight.

Desert Rose

These East African and Arabian native beauties bloom from a thick trunk that actually stores water. Resembling a bonsai plant, they are just as tough as they are pretty because they can even grow in sand! Although these flowers can survive almost anything, be wary, it’s known to bleed a poisonous sap that may irritate skin. This is a plant that has the potential to bite back!


Ajuga Bugleweed effectively covers all those hard to hide spots of dirt in your garden. These mint cousins can thrive in shady gardens and are known to survive droughts as well. If ever they get out of control, it is recommended to behead them to prevent spread, but no worries, even that won’t kill them!


Colloquially known as “Black-Eyed Susans,” these garden staples are known to bloom for weeks with little care. They’re actually a mini version of the famous Sunflower and can survive droughts. After growing them in moist soil, they’ll be well rooted and should bloom every season.


Also from the Sunflower family, these come in all sorts of colours. They also self seed and have over 20 varieties. It’s a super flower!

Persian Shield

Even the name is a testament to its strength! This bushy Acanthaceae can bloom blue flowers in very hot environments. Just be sure to keep the soil moist. Although they will survive a drought, they might not stay as pretty because they will start to wilt.



The heart-shaped foliage Caladiums sprout include charming leaves of pink, green, white, and red. They do very well in sun and shade, and will bulk up your garden, keeping it nice and strong looking.

Hope you enjoyed our flower powered recommendations of plants that even you can’t kill. If you would like some advice on how to grow these resilient eye candy for the garden feel free to contact us.