Good Landscape Design and the Importance of Trees


Trees will be the largest elements of most landscaping projects, and it is important to give these denizens of the landscape the respect and care they deserve.  Part of this consideration is arranging those trees properly, in order to provide both the healthiest trees and the most spectacular views.

When designing the new landscape, or redesigning an existing one, it is always helpful to sketch out what you would like the finished landscape to look like.  If your dream landscape calls for a cluster of trees, be sure to choose varieties whose sizes will make this clustering possible.  It is important to consider the mature height and width of the trees in order to ensure that each tree will have plenty of space to grow, and that their root systems will be able to get all the nutrients they need.

It is important to think about the overall effect the finished landscape will have, and to plan accordingly.  While trees are an important part of the landscape, they should be used sparingly, as a landscape overwhelmed with trees can appear disorganized and sloppy.  It is best to choose a few attractive and colorful trees, and to space them properly around the property.

For those in many parts of the country, how the trees look after they have lost their leaves will be an important consideration.  For instance, many fast growing varieties of trees will shed their leaves early in the season, leaving them bare and unattractive for much of the year.  It is important to take this into consideration, and plant accordingly.

Some types of trees do better in certain locations than others, and this should also be an important consideration.  Trees such as willows, for instance, tend to do best in low spots in the ground, and they can look quite handsome in a hollow or low spot that would otherwise go unused.

No matter what types of trees you choose to compliment your landscape, it is important to care for them properly, and to give them the water and fertilization they need to survive and thrive.  It is important to follow the planting directions you received when you purchased the young trees, and to continue to follow the recommended care schedule going forward. Visit our partners at Sherwood Nurseries and use our Plant Finder Tool to help select the trees for your landscape design project.