Friend or Foe? The Basics of Companion Planting


If your garden aesthetic is “the bigger the better” or you simply want a healthy garden, here are our top ways to use companion planting to maximize your yield.  Companion planting is placing certain crops in close proximity to help mitigate pests, increase pollination, to maximize space or just overall improve crop productivity. Companion planting, […]

Whats New In Pavers


When we think of a patio, most of us think simply of a Holland stone patio in a herringbone or bond pattern.  We do not need to limit ourselves to the outdated preconceptions, there are so many more choices on the market now.  There are two leading manufacturers in Edmonton and Calgary: Expocrete and Barkman; there are a […]

Landscaping and Design in Sherwood Park

Front Yard Landscaping Edmonton

A unique alpine style yard in Sherwood Park, with just the shrubs and Vegetable garden to go. Another outdoor living dream brought to life by Little Creek Landscaping Ltd. Check out the videos here: