Weeds We Love to Eat, Alberta Edition


Don’t forget to floss your teeth, clean behind your ears and…eat your weeds? Weeds may have a bad reputation when it comes to lawn care, but there are many weeds that are well worth eating! During your next peaceful walk through the forest make sure to bring a reusable container and collect these delicious weeds– […]

Should you hire a landscape designer?

Back Yard Grass & Patio

Before you start your landscape project, consider a professional design. Check out this article on Canadian Living about hiring a landscape designer. Continue on to the article

The Genesis of Little Creek Landscaping


I would like in this blog to share with you the genesis of our name and logo. About Ten years ago, our founder Greg Linker was sitting in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, enjoying the sound of a creek rushing and the majesty of Mother Earth. He marveled at the precision with which natural […]