Building Raised Gardens

Building Raised Gardens

Looking to elevate your outdoor space? Try physically elevating your gardens and build a raised garden. Especially if you are working with a limited outdoor area, raised gardens are a fun DIY project to maximize your area and are the perfect backyard addition for growing vegetables and herbs.

There are DIY kits available for you to use, however, with a quick trip to the hardware store, we are confident that you can make one yourself! Channel your inner HGTV and follow our below helpful tips and tricks.

Size matters.

Depending on what you will be using it for and your specific needs, find the dimensions that will best suit your project and available space. Decide how big you want your raised garden to be and try to design it so it is 4 feet wide or less.  Anything wider than 4 feet will make it difficult to utilize the center of the bed.

The perfect spot. 

Choose a spot for your garden that gets lots of sunlight and make sure you are using a flat surface area. Use a  shovel to remove ground that will prevent the garden from remaining completely flat.

If you can dream it, you can create it.

Once you have visualized your dream built up garden, get 2 x 10 inch lumber pieces that have been cut to length to create a four-sided structure. To create a rectangle shape, place the shorter walls flush to the longer walls and drill pilot holes to fasten the short walls to the end of the long walls. We recommend using 2 ½ inch deck screws to keep the structure together.

Line, soil and plant!

After you have placed your structure down, line the rectangle with landscape fabric and begin to add soil. Plant your favourite seeds, step back and watch your garden flourish! If you want to make your garden stackable, meaning you can grow plants with long stem roots, add a second level of lumber when making the frame to add height to the walls.

Now that you have built your garden, are you ready for a full backyard makeover? Ask us about our landscape design process and how we can transform your garden.