4 Factors to Consider When Landscaping Your Home Garden

Growing a beautiful garden can be a wonderful hobby, and a great way to pass the time. Gardening continues to top lists of favorite activities year after year, and it is easy to understand way. Working in the garden, and enjoying the results, is a great deal of fun, and a garden can even increase the value of the home.

Before you can create that wonderful garden, however, it is important to understand the factors that influence the design and landscaping of the garden. Landscaping a garden does not need to be a difficult process, but it is important to understand the factors that affect the landscape design.

The Function of the Garden
The function of the planned garden is an important consideration, and one that should be taken into account when designing the landscape. For instance, if children will be helping out in the garden, be sure to plan accordingly.

The Location of the Garden
Where the garden will be located is another important consideration. Those living in a single family home will generally have more flexibility as to the location of the garden than will apartment dwellers. The key is to remember that even the smallest space can host a fine garden. A rooftop garden can be a lovely addition to any apartment building, and a patio can play host to a wonderful container garden as well.

The Lay of the Land
When it comes to laying out a garden, the lay of the land is an essential element. It is important to take into account the slope of the ground, including any steep banks or hillsides that may affect water flow. It is important to consider shade and sunlight as well. Some plants tolerate a great deal of sunlight, while others like to hang out in the shade. It is important to consider shade and sunlight conditions when designing your garden and purchasing plants for the garden.

Your Own Climate
Climate is of course an important consideration when it comes to gardening, and it is important to choose those plants that are best suited to your own environment. For many landscapers, gardening with native species of plants provides the best option.

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