paving stone work with real lawn

1. Concept

It first starts with an idea and we can help bring your idea to fruition. At first, we will consult with you on your concept, determine your budget and assess your needs and wants. From that if you feel we are the right fit for your project we then match one of our expert deisgners to your project into the next phase.

2. Design

We help bring your ideas to life.

Whether you are renovating, or creating something new, our designers will work with you throughout the entire process, we start from scratch to bring your dream projects to reality.

With years of experience our landscape designers are experts in building your vision. There are key components we use as foundation blocks to ensure we satsify your expectations at every level.

Once you consult with us on your needs, we evaluate your project and go on site to determine the overall approach. From this we can craft the best type of design that would suit your project which may include:

  • Concept sketch
  • 2D dimensional design
  • 3D visual animation design

Once the design is finalized and you are happy with the outcome of the design. You will have final sign-off on the design and we can move to the exciting part, the building process.

3. Build

The next step is to order materials, get the team together and now your yard is prepared for the build. There will be a review of the site with your designer, project manager, crew, and yourself to ensure we are all on the same page.

Our team will notify the surrounding community in the area that there will be construction. Once materials arrive we will start building your vision.

Once the build is completed and the final adjustments are made we will walk through the completed project to ensure you are satisfied and happy with your yard.

Once you have confirmed that you are thrilled with your vision, and happy with our service, final steps are clean up. We ensure that we leave zero trace as it was left before by getting our crew to clean up the site.

Now you can relax, and take in your beautiful yard for everyone to enjoy.