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Raise the Roof on Your Rooftop Garden

Rooftop gardens lend a natural aesthetic that is guaranteed to elevate any home. They can provide additional privacy, naturally improve the air quality and are likely to flourish because of the constant sun exposure. Most importantly, a rooftop garden will add some green to an area with limited space and will be sure to brighten […]

Friend or Foe? The Basics of Companion Planting

If your garden aesthetic is “the bigger the better” or you simply want a healthy garden, here are our top ways to use companion planting to maximize your yield.  Companion planting is placing certain crops in close proximity to help mitigate pests, increase pollination, to maximize space or just overall improve crop productivity. Companion planting, […]


Building Raised Gardens

Building Raised Gardens Looking to elevate your outdoor space? Try physically elevating your gardens and build a raised garden. Especially if you are working with a limited outdoor area, raised gardens are a fun DIY project to maximize your area and are the perfect backyard addition for growing vegetables and herbs.   There are DIY kits […]