Rooftop gardens lend a natural aesthetic that is guaranteed to elevate any home. They can provide additional privacy, naturally improve the air quality and are likely to flourish because of the constant sun exposure. Most importantly, a rooftop garden will add some green to an area with limited space and will be sure to brighten up your home. 

Before embarking on your rooftop garden journey, it is important to take a few things into consideration. For example, the structural integrity of your rooftop should be assessed by engineers before beginning your garden construction. Is the roof able to hold a garden load? Soil and pots are quite heavy, so it is important to check with an engineer or well established contractor before you begin. Make sure you consider where your roof’s access point is, and how you will get your materials, supplies and gardening equipment to and from your roof. 

In line with rooftop access, are you able to hydrate your garden with a nearby water supply? Is there a water point access, or a way to run a hose out to the roof? Consider installing a rain barrel and drip irrigation if a water supply is difficult to source. 

You may also need to consider the sun exposure to your roof. Are there other buildings blocking the sun, or will there be too much heat beating down on your plants? Along with the sun, you want to ensure the plants are protected from other elements, including wind. Think about optimizing your growing potential with sun-loving plants that will thrive in the light!

Creating a rooftop garden might seem overwhelming, which is why you should entrust garden professionals to guarantee you a lush summer. You can always start small with a few pots and plants and build from there – life begins in the garden. 

Get in touch for a full landscaping plan to make your rooftop garden oasis come true. 

Please remember that no rooftop garden should ever be installed without first consulting a structural engineer

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