Why You Shouldn’t Skip Out On Lawn Care

In our current trying times and economic troubles, cutting costs is at the top of the to-do list for many. But while you might want to eat-in more and use Netflix instead of going to the theatre, the one thing you shouldn’t cut out of your budget is lawn care.

“But if I just cut back this year, it’s not that big a deal, right?” you might ask. Wrong.We’re not suggesting this for our benefit, but yours. Ultimately, neglecting your lawn—which you’ve already invested in—is simply going to cost you a lot more in the long run to repair and replenish. Here’s why:

Your home is very important to you. You’ve invested time, money and a lot of care to turn it into your own private castle, and that includes the lawn and gardens. Landscaping, when done correctly, can transform any outdoor space into a mini paradise. Yours is no exception. But the upkeep of any landscape involves more than just watering with a hose and mowing every few days. Even if all you maintain is grass and a few shrubs, you need to ensure that your property is being well cared for. There are three main concerns for every landscape that you simply can’t ignore:

  1. Weeds: Weed treatment is vital. If you don’t have your lawn continually treated with fertilizer, otherwise dormant seeds of crabgrass, quackgrass and weeds will “wake up” and take over your property. Worse, as the weather changes throughout the season, while these unsightly, annoying weeds will eventually die, they will also leave bare patches. And that means a potential host of noxious weeds which, if not properly managed, can end up costing you a fine from the city, anywhere from $250 to $5000, depending on the situation!
  2. Restoration: Additionally, the costs to revitalize your lawn can be in the hundreds, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to fix the issue with only one seeding and/or fertilizer treatment; it may take multiple treatments, costing you even more.
  3. Bugs: As if that isn’t enough of a headache, the issue of pests such as snails and grubs is major—you could be invaded by an entire army, which will cause utter destruction. It is far better to pay a small amount now for annual pest treatments than to deal with the cost of pest removal and repairs to the damage these greedy little creatures will inflict upon your lawn.

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