What Is Topdressing?

Topdressing info for Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan and area.Are you hoping for a perfect, lush emerald green lawn? Do you find that in spite of all your efforts, your lawn never quite measures up to your expectations? Don’t despair! It might well be the soil, and it can be fixed!

Have you ever noticed how beautiful and robust the grass looks at your local golf course? They have a secret: topdressing.

What is topdressing exactly? Topdressing is a process whereby you apply compost and a light covering of soil to your lawn’s surface. A valuable first step before applying top dressing is core aeration. However, don’t worry if this is not within your current budget; topdressing can still be performed, but keep in mind that it will take more time before you begin to notice its effects.

Topdressing is applied in spring and autumn. The soil and compost provides the lawn with fresh organic matter, which mixes naturally in your soil to improve the health, colour and assist with drainage.

But how do you know if your own soil is bad or lacking?

Take a spade and dig into the soil, somewhere between 6” to 12”; you’re looking for grass roots and a rich, dark brown soil at least 6” or more below the surface. If you find all of that, your soil is in good shape. But often soil is filled with excess clay, or you may discover that you actually don’t even have any original topsoil to begin with.

What does this mean for your lawn? In short: failure to thrive.

Your lawn needs healthy topsoil in order for the grass roots to take hold deep in the earth. Additionally, without topsoil, the colour of your landscape will be dull because it’s not getting the necessary nutrients. This adds stress to your lawn, and over time the damage from neglecting it will only continue to mount.

The cost of repairing and restoring your lawn, if left too long without the needed topsoil and nutrients, can be extremely high, so it’s best to start now.

One thing to be aware of: if your soil is deficient in quality topsoil, it will take time to repair. Don’t expect everything to be perfect with just one treatment, though; this is an ongoing process. Having topdressing performed in spring and autumn regularly will not only brighten the colour of your lawn but ensure that over time, the grass and other plants you may have on the property really take root and finally begin to flourish.

It’s very important to put together an entire care regime for your lawn and landscape now, in order to save you time, money and problems in the future. A sound investment in care—even if you just start out with the basics—will make a huge difference for your home.

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