The Solution to your Patio Envy

How many times have you started unnecessary conversations with your neighbors hoping they would invite you over so you can spy on their new patio? Enough times to finally get your own, probably.

Patio landscaping is an intimate and exciting venture that enhances the appearance of your home. As a result, you should invest in the preparation just as much as the execution. Unfortunately, a lot of people make very little effort in the preparation phase.

Here are a few things (in no particular order) to consider before laying the first stone, plant, or tile.


One of the best ways to get ideas for your landscaping is to look at other projects. Confirming your RSVP for a friend’s BBQ may spark a little fire, but do not limit yourself. The Internet is your landscaping catalogue; use it at your disposal. You can also visit our archive by clicking on the landscaping link to view a series of our previous contracts. Once you’ve “scrapbooked” your ideas and narrowed down the materials you’d like to integrate, you must consider the practicality of landscaping.


Lighting is pivotal to any patio landscaping design because it will determine how your yard thrives holistically. For example, you must consider the positioning of plants and flowers relative to the sunlight. If you are growing fruits and vegetables you should aim to keep them separate from your flowers, as each requires different lighting patterns. Lighting is also important for patio seating and lounging. Keep your comfort in mind.


It is one thing to solidify a theme for your patio landscaping, but it is another to contemplate the quality and functionality of the materials therein. Ensure that the materials you select are aesthetic and functional. Little Creek Landscaping recommends using materials such as concrete, reconstituted stone, or real stone, among others. Contact Little Creek Landscaping for more advice on material selection.

Home Style

With patio landscaping, you want your yard to be an extension of your home. As such, assess the features of your home such as the brick, colour, shape, and overall theme to ensure there is a level of fluidity.

While the above points are not exhaustive, it is the starting line for your journey to a patio you will have to invite others over to see and enjoy!