The Pros and Cons of Choosing Sod

It’s that time of year again when maintenance and landscaping becomes more important than ever. You might even find yourself in a position where you’ve taken one look at the old, failing porch and the backyard—now muddy after a hard winter and much rainfall in the spring—and decided the whole thing has to go. You tear down the porch, clean up the yard, but something’s missing: the ever-important and well-loved lush, green carpet you just can’t wait to walk barefoot through.

While it’s simple enough to seed the lawn and wait on the grass, some people want “instant grass,” especially when they have a family. That’s where sod comes in. There are both advantages and disadvantages to laying sod, and this week, we are going to discuss both, to help you make the best decision for your personal needs.


  • 1)      “Instant Grass,” no waiting
  • 2)      Sod can be installed right away, instead of waiting for the correct time of year to “seed” the lawn
  • 3)      Sod grows immediately and well, so you can mow the grass almost immediately
  • 4)      Unlike seed, sod doesn’t require as much “weeding”
  • 5)      After the initial installation, sod does not need as much water as seeded grass
  • 6)      Sod is often far more reliable than seeded grass and takes root quicker and easier
  • 7)      Unlike seed, sod doesn’t cause “mud” issues, so it is a “clean” choice
  • 8)      Sod is excellent for sloped areas or portions of the lawn suffering from erosion


  • 1)      Sod is quite expensive, much more so than seed
  • 2)      It is more difficult to lay sod than to plant seed
  • 3)      Occasionally, not all sections of the sod will take root, which leaves the task of buying more, removing the sections which didn’t take, and re-laying sod in the blank parts
  • 4)      Whereas there is a lot of variety available with seeded grass, only certain kinds of grass are grown for sod; therefore, your selection is not nearly as vast
  • 5)      While sod doesn’t need to be “weeded” as often as seed, it may shrink, allowing weeds to invade
  • 6)      Sod doesn’t tolerate shade well

At the end of the day, sod is very useful. It can be difficult to lay and maintain yourself; you need to have the time to water it for the first week consistently to ensure it takes root, and you have to watch it carefully. Hiring a professional to do the task for you is often your best bet, especially if you have a busy lifestyle.

But the benefits of enjoying that lush green carpet right away are definitely high, and as long as it’s done correctly, it can turn an otherwise ugly mess into true beauty very quickly. After all, you want your home and lawn to look just as wonderful as the neighbour’s!

If you are still uncertain as to which option is best for you, give us a call at Little Creek Landscaping. We offer services in Edmonton and surrounding areas like Sherwood Park, as well as Calgary, and our experts are trained to help you make the right decision for your home.