Spring Landscaping Tips

Planning your landscaping strategy should begin sometime before springtime actually arrives. Not only will you be prepared to get to work when the weather warms up, but you will also save lots of time in the process. It’s best to begin working on your landscaping before the first buds of spring begin to sprout up, distracting your attention from any work that needs to get done.

Spring Landscaping Tips: Consult with a Professional

You can prepare a landscaping strategy on your own or you can take advantage of the knowledge held by the staff at a local garden store or by a professional landscaping professional. In particular, if you are planning to incorporate a lot of new designs, fountains, ponds, or hardscape into your yard this year, you may want to consult a professional to get you on the right path.

Spring Landscaping Tips: Put Your Plan in Writing

Perhaps the best way to make sure that you purchase all of the necessary tools and supplies is to write your landscaping strategy down. Make a list of all of the items you will need to complete each task on your landscaping plan. Writing down your plan helps you to remember what you need to purchase, keeps your strategy focused, and gives you some motivation to move forward with your landscaping goals.

Spring Landscaping Tips: Research Landscaping Designs

Take the time to search through a few magazines on landscaping/gardening to get some new ideas for your yard. While you probably have a few thoughts of your own already, you might get some inspiration from what you read. It is possible that you will discover different types of plants or shrubs that would be perfect for your yard, or you might find a landscaping scenario that is more appealing than the one you are considering.

Spring Landscaping Tips: Observe the Terrain from All Angles

Think about the purpose behind your landscaping plan. Who are you designing it for? Is it primarily for your own viewing pleasure? What vantage point are you going to use when looking at your landscape- the back door, front porch, living room window, or somewhere in the yard itself? You need to consider all of the angles from which you are going to view your gardening efforts/landscaping design in order to make the most of it.

Take the time to scrutinize the yard from each of your viewing locations so that you can create an impressive landscaping design from every angle. Look over existing plants, shrubs, and trees. Try and imagine changes to the landscape. Create your landscaping strategy to maximize existing greenery while incorporating new plants and shrubs into the design.