Sherwood Park Patio Landscaping

In North America when people think of a patio they often visualize a large deck or porch. While both of these are certainly great options which have their uses, the original “patio” comes from Spain, where it is a vast courtyard and thing of great beauty—an extension of the actual home, estate or palace itself. Many people today are borrowing from this architectural concept, adding colour, space, and elegance to their homes.

Today’s patios offer more than just a few chairs and a table to enjoy the sunshine; they often provide a complete outdoor kitchen with a quality barbeque, a dining table and chairs, outdoor sofa set and coffee table, and even a fireplace, gardens, and fountains or waterfalls! Some are completely open while others are more sheltered or even enclosed with a roof and glass doors, so that this additional “room” to the house may be enjoyed even in cooler or damp weather. Features like shrubs, trees and a gazebo add character to the look, and the types of outdoor furniture available have long since advanced from standard plastic lawn chairs to stylish pieces worthy of a designer’s home.

Of course, time, effort, and proper architectural design must be put into the creation of your luxury patio; you want it to suit the look and topography of your home, and to be built in such a way that it will last through all kinds of weather. The idea of a well-built patio is not merely to provide a place for relaxation and entertainment, but also to offer you an increased resale value should you eventually choose to put your home on the market. A patio and the landscaping work surrounding it therefore is a sound investment for both your family and your future.

It is important that your patio is not only aesthetically pleasing, but strong, and well-constructed; it is, after all, the foundation of your extended living space. There are multiple varieties of patio designs to choose from; one only has to Google “patio landscaping” to find hundreds of photos offering conventional, unconventional and even exotic ideas for a great patio and its surroundings.

Cut stone, concrete, brick, granite, and flagstone are just some of the materials used for the “floor” of the patio, while stone pillars and wooden walls might be used—in addition to doors—to offer shelter. The patio is also not limited to a square or rectangular design, nor does it necessarily need to be located in the backyard; depending on the size and space your property provides and the layout of your house, you could easily build your patio in front or at the side.

At the end of the day, once you have made the decision to expand your home with a patio, whether or not you have a picture in mind of how you want it to look, Little Creek Landscaping is here to help. We offer services in Calgary and Edmonton (and surrounding areas such as Sherwood Park) and our experts are trained to help you make the right decision for your home. Give us a call!

Keep bringing your outdoor living dreams to life!