Proper Lawn Care – Watering

The sun has already begun to make daily and long-lasting appearances. For some, this is exceptional news; more trips to the lake, longer days, and watermelon! For others, it is a cloud of doom for the ever so daunting lawn care.  At Little Creek Landscaping we want to reassure you that the sun is a reason for everyone to celebrate. Below are a few watering tips to help you smile in the sun while keeping your lawn green and healthy.

Just like our bodies, too little or too much of anything is the breeding ground for damage.  Your lawn abides by the same philosophy. Too little or too much water will not put your lawn in its optimal position for growth, health, and beauty. Rain is the ideal source to care for your lawn because it is naturally predisposed to converting rainwater into sufficient energy for your grass. However, you cannot rely on nature to rain when you need it. As a result, it is best to water your lawn between 6 and 10 A.M. before the sun becomes too hot and the air, too windy and dry. It is a big commitment to squeeze in lawn care before work, but it is the ideal time frame to get the best results.  If it becomes too wearisome, you can water your lawn between 4 and 7P.M.  Do not water your lawn lightly or too frequently because it will result in shallow roots that, in turn, will cause your grass to burn out.

Water your lawn deeply. If you use sprinklers, it is recommended to apply about ½ inch of water two times each week. Check to ensure that water levels are deep enough to be effective. A good tip is to use an empty tuna can to monitor how long it takes to apply that amount of water.  Water gauges are also useful because they are tools that can disclose the amount of water that has gone into your lawn.

Watering your lawn is only a small portion of lawn care. Give us a call to find out how we can help you get the best lawn.