Myths of Final Grading

Purchasing a new home in Edmonton, and Sherwood Park is a major life event, all too often the new home buyers do not factor in the cost of landscaping.  The reality for most new home buyers is they receive their Edmonton final grade certificate, then wait potentially months to get their landscape grading completed.  What is worse is that while waiting for a final grade certificate in Edmonton can take a very long time and as a result your brand new home will be surrounded by mud for the whole summer.  I would love to share with you a myth about final grading.

If you are installing a patio, or amending soil for planting beds you must install just topsoil first, then start your real landscaping project.  This is not true.  Final grading in Edmonton, and Sherwood Park can be done using garden mix soil, road crush, rundle fines, or top soil.  What does that mean to you?  First you do not have to pay twice.  You are paying someone to bring in soil, then grade it, then someone else to come in dig it up, and install what you wanted in the first place.  This makes no sense.  With proper planning and landscape design you will be able to create a clear road map for yourself and your contractor.  All bases and soil conditions are able to be provided prior to applying for your Edmonton or Sherwood Park final grade certificate. This will stream line the process of getting your Landscape project completed quickly and efficiently and without incurring any undue costs.

The next myth is that you should always take the lowest quote from a contractor on your Landscape grading.  Of course this seems to not make much sense, but consider, if your contractor specializes in final grading in Edmonton or Sherwood Park then you will find yourself hiring multiple contractors and paying each contractor to mobilize.  You are again paying multiple times when you simply do not have to.  Find a quality contractor that can offer you full service from final grading to fencing, decking, patios, and any other services you may require.  Having one contractor taking care of all your landscape development permits, final grade certificates and offers the expertise to get your project done right the first time will save you money and headaches.

When in doubt ask the professionals at Little Creek Landscaping and keep bringing your outdoor living dreams to life.

William Packolyk

Associate AALA, BLArch, LAT