Maximize Curb Appeal With Your Landscape

Real estate markets can be a fickle thing.  Creating curb appeal for your Edmonton Landscape can help you sell your house, become the talk of the neighbourhood or just love your front yard.  Here are a few tips to help you get the most our of your front yard and kick up your curb appeal:


Proper Maintenance

There really is nothing worse than seeing a garden over grown, filled with dead or dying plants, weeds or general air of being unkempt.  So how can you help this? First, insure proper depth of mulch (4” minimum), a high quality filter fabric (use a minimum of 5.2oz), choose plants native to Edmonton, Sherwood Park and Fort Saskatchewan.  Some great plants are Dogwood, Ninebark, Snowberry, Explorer series Roses, and Lilacs.  Speaking of Lilacs having aromatic plants will always catch the attention of people.

Logical Layout

If you have a front yard that is too chaotic, imbalanced, or unrelatable you will find that people just will not connect.  To get the most out of your front yard and maximize curb appeal use some of the following design principles: balance, symmetry, repetition, scale, focal points, and a sense of place (meaning it has to be relatable to the context of your neighbourhood).


One very effective way to create an attractive landscape is to create multiple layers, depth and width.  Using plantings and features in varying heights, bloom periods, colours and seasonal interest can create a garden space that will intrigue and excite your senses.


Create a space that is both comfortable and inviting.  Often people feel confined it small spaces, so create outdoor rooms that are meaningful, connected, and generally open.  You can help define rooms through a change in ground material, low shrub beds, arbors, or really anything that can create a sense of transition.  Make sure your landscape is in scale, if you have a 10’ x 10’ courtyard enclosed by 14’ tall hedges you will find the space not particularly inviting. If you have a 3’ height hedge in the same space, it will feel much more inviting.

Curb appeal changes how you and others feel about your home

Remember, curb appeal is the first impression of your home will make.  Often it is very difficult to overcome a poor first impression, it is worth your time to put your best foot forward.  The same goes for when you come to your home.  If the first thing you see when you get home is a dying lawn, overgrown garden that just needs too much work, it can be very depressing.  When your front yard is well kept and looking great the effect can be very satisfying.  Don’t be afraid to invest in your front yard and your home’s curb appeal.

Not sure how to make the most out of your front yard? Ask the experts at Little Creek Landscaping and keep brining your outdoor living dreams to life