Make Your Mark With an Address Marker

Have you ever gone to visit a relative or friend for the first time in their home and had difficulty finding the house number, especially at night? Well, there are ways to avoid having the same problem, and to make your house really stand out.

Of course, there is another reason to put up an address marker on your lawn: emergencies. The police, ambulance or firemen can easily find your home if the house numbers are made visible with a sign or plaque.

Various styles of address markers are available, but one classic address marker is a dark-coloured sign with your house number in gold letters, which catch the light. Stylish and often custom-made, these markers make any home look distinguished.

Another possibility to “make your mark” is by mounting a plaque on the front of your house, or putting a good old-fashioned mailbox near the end of your driveway. Although Canada Post is moving away from door-to-door delivery, a mailbox is nonetheless a fashionable way to set your home apart from the other houses on your block.

Still another way to garner attention is by getting a custom-made address marker with your family name (i.e., “The Millers”). Imagine driving up to your home and seeing your name prominently displayed!

Address markers should be placed strategically on your lawn, so that they don’t get lost in the garden or disappear among statues and lawn decorations. Ideally, the marker should also match the style of your house.

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