Landscape Plans for a Successful Job

When it comes to designing a beautiful landscape, it is important to have a plan in place before moving forward.  Having a plan in place for your finished landscape will make the job of bringing it to fruition a great deal easier and less stressful.

In fact getting that plan together can be one of the most difficult parts of landscaping.  After all, it can be difficult to visualize your yard as you would like it to be, and even more difficult to write it all down on paper.  It is a good idea to at least do a rough sketch of the elements you would like to include, and their location within the landscape.

If you decide to hire a professional landscaper, such a sketch will help the firm come up with a realistic estimate.  If you decide to do the work yourself, the sketch can serve as a sort of blueprint as you work toward creating the landscape of your dreams.  Either way, it is important to create a plan before you move the first shovel full of dirt.

One of the most critical elements of the plan, of course, will be to determine the area you have to work with.  Virtually any size area, from the smallest patio or rooftop garden, to the largest golf course, can be landscaped, but the techniques used will vary along with the size.  Determining an approximate square footage will help make the job of landscaping a great deal easier.

It is important as well to determine which elements you would like to see in your finished landscape.  If there are parts of your existing yard you would like to keep, be sure to note their location on your sketch.  If you wish to remove certain elements, like dead trees or bushes that have seen better days, note that as well.  Note also any new elements you wish to introduce.  If you want to add additional shrubs, or a flower bed, be sure to draw its approximate location on your map of the finished landscape.  If the mailbox, driveway or other parts of the home exterior are to be landscaped, be sure to note that as well.  Try to provide as much information as possible, since this sketch will serve as your guide.

The sketch of the finished landscape can also serve as a valuable tool while you shop.  Knowing exactly what elements you need, and do not need, will make it much easier to avoid the temptation to buy too much for the space you have available.  In this case, the landscape plan can help save your budget as well as your yard.