How to Build a Patio Properly

Are you looking to add character to your property?  Paving stone patios are a great way to create usable space that may become the heart of your outdoor living space.  The trouble is here in Alberta we must deal with harsh winter, and subsequently the frost heave that ensues.  All too often we see paving stone patios in Alberta heave and lose its level.  Like any other built structure it is important to know how to build it properly. We have outlined how to build patios here. First you must know where you can build it.  Be sure, with new homes, to stay away from the face of the house.  We have discussed this in one of our old blog posts which you can check out here.  We have come across a great video that we would like to share with you:

I hope you found this informative, and are ready to take on your patio project.

Keep bringing your outdoor living dreams to life!

William Packolyk

Associate AALA, Blarch