Getting Your Children Involved in Landscaping

When you have [young] children it is normal to have them consistently glued to your side. Separation anxiety, whether bilateral or unilateral, is real and we at Little Creek Landscaping believe in alleviating that as much as possible.  Our approach: Get your children involved.  At first glance it may strain your brain to imagine your young children being a part of your landscaping journey, but when you sprinkle a little imagination and creativity into the mix, your child will not feel left out.

Having a vision for your landscaping is always an ideal starting point and it is one of the best ways to get your child/ren in the mix. Tell them about your plans on transforming your yard. Ask them what ideas they have in mind and have them draw, write, or express their ideas. This will allow them to play an active role in your project and it may even spark some new ideas of your own.  Once they’ve completed this task, share your own concepts with them and show them how what they have created relates to or can be incorporated into the plans you have. Child/ren like to feel as if they are contributing or making a difference, so this initial step makes your landscaping project tangible for them.

After you’ve contacted Little Creek Landscaping and finalized your plans prepare your child/ren for our arrival. It is not unusual to have family members present while we work. Talk to your child/ren about what kind of work we will be engaging in, necessary safety instructions, and when they can have the opportunity to interact with our team and ask questions. We understand that children are naturally curious; interacting with children, at the appropriate time, will help them feel like they too, are a part of the team.

Finally, once we’ve completed our portion of the job, you can take your child/ren outside and engage them. Where we worked on gardening, allow them to assist in watering flowers. Where we added stones, teach them how to care for it. Whatever the landscaping task we completed, give them a walk-through and introduce them to new ways to enjoy the back and front yard. Children know they are loved and cared for, but the best way to underline that is to give them attention, incorporate them in even the most challenging tasks, and encouraging them while they learn.