Getting the Low Down on Deicers

Winter conditions are a challenge to all Edmonton landscapes. Deicers and gravel are a necessary evil that we face. Deicers are known as Ice melt, they are the same thing. There are pros and cons to every product on the market, so it is important to know what they are. I want to start by saying deicers are simply not effective below -27ºC. When we find ourselves in the deep freeze, using gravel or sand will be the only effective measure you can take.

Regardless of what product you choose to use, best practice is to use a mechanical means of spreading (use gloves and eye protection if spreading manually). As soon as ice has been melted to the point of being slush shovel it off any concrete, asphalt, or paving stone. Using deicers are not a replacement for shoveling, make sure snow has been removed prior to application.

Below is a table showing typical source components for deicers. There are many different products on the market, however they are based from these source components with a variety of different additives and compounds.

Stay warm and keep bringing your outdoor living dreams to life!

William Packolyk, BLarch, Associate AALA