Getting Return on Investment From Your Landscaping

They say never judge a book by its cover. But when it comes to selling a home, or simply adding value to your home, a strong landscape design can go a long way. Having flipped houses in Edmonton, Sherwood Park and St. Albert, we have experienced firsthand the rewards of putting in some time and effort in landscaping. Spending only 5 percent of your home’s value on landscaping may get a return of as much as 150 percent of the amount you invested or more. Not to mention, if you are selling, your house will be on the market for a much smaller time period as opposed to a home with outdated or decaying landscaping. If you are planning on selling, or just looking to update your outdoor space, here are some steps to get you started

Make a wish list

Think about what you or your potential buyers might want.  Do you need more entertaining space? A deck or patio will be a great choice.  Perhaps you have a dull corner and need to add interest, then a focal point like a water feature, feature tree or fountain could be the answer.  Consider where you are living, in Edmonton, Sherwood Park or St. Albert your landscape considerations are different than someone living in Vancouver.  Be methodical, and practical and you will help keep your project budget in line.

Contact a Landscape Architect

A Landscape Architect can be instrumental in bringing your outdoor living dreams to life. Their background and experience will be practical, functional, beautiful and be constructed to a high standard of quality.

Obtain quality planting and materials

When purchasing materials and planting for your landscape project always be sure to consult with your Landscape Architect or your local landscape supply store like Sherwood Nurseries to ensure that you are getting the best product in your price range and that it is conducive to the climate and conditions that it will be getting installed in.

Learn to maintain your landscape

At this point you may have spent a significant amount of time selecting plants, flowers and trees, and you certainly don’t want them to die or turn into an out-of-control jungle. Decide whether you want to take care of the plants yourself or hire a landscaping expert to maintain them.

If you want to care of your planting yourself, be sure to research the conditions each specific planting selection thrive in. As long as you provide the plants with what they need they will prosper.

Just remember the more green you plant, the more green you walk away with on the way out.

If you have any questions call the professionals at Little Creek Landscaping and keep bringing your outdoor living dreams to life!