Getting Acquainted with Final Grading

As the temperature increases, it is hard to resist the premonitions of the landscaping you’ve been anticipating all winter. Amongst your thoughts you’re probably questioning the readiness of your yard, and rightfully so. Effective landscaping is predicated on the successful application of grading, a sprocess that secures drainage systems away from the foundation of a building so water will run off and not accumulate. The process includes, measuring your property, removing topsoil, soil excavation (contingency), rough grading, irrigation, backfilling soil, and final grading. While each prerequisite carries its own importance, final grading is particularly outstanding due to its complexity.

Final grading is simply the laying of topsoil. However, it demands a variety of educational expertise. For example, residential areas are subjected to final grading inspections. Inspection checklists consist of assessing the depth, distribution, and contents of the topsoil, among other things. Specifically, the City of Edmonton requires that topsoil be smoothly spread out and compacted in preparation for rocks, sod, etc. Further, if you wish to include exterior decorative materials such as woodchips or rocks, the rough grade must be raised primarily because water can interact and flow through these materials.

The technicality of final grading reflects the level of experience and skill required to accurately carry out the leveling, specifications, and smoothing, of topsoil. If you’re wondering if you should be contacting one of our operators to assist you, here are a few things to consider:

1. Are there slopes and bodies of water close to your home that may serve as a potential threat

2. Do you notice any instabilities on the land (and surrounding areas) your property sits on

3. Are you feeling completely uncertain about the nature of your home and want to be proactive and take preventive measures

Even if you consider the factors above and you do not identify with any of the descriptions, once you’ve decided to landscape, consult a professional.

For further inquiries on how we can assist you in the grading process give us a call.