Five Ways to Add Life to Your Landscaping

Anybody who has spent time planning and implementing their own landscaping will agree; beautiful landscaping is an art form. Not only does it add value, aesthetic charm, and usable space to your home, it allows you to re-imagine nature and create the lawn of your dreams. An important aspect that is often overlooked by the amateur landscaper is movement. Stunning landscaping goes far beyond flowers and bark mulch; it dances in the breeze. It tweets and it flutters and it babbles like a brook. Incorporate these elements into your landscaping and watch it come to life.

1. Grass

Tall ornamental grasses that sway in the wind are an easy, low maintenance way to add visual interest and movement to your lawn and gardens. Low- to mid-size grass used as ground cover smothers weeds, while taller grass offers privacy and softens hard edges, such as fences, corners, and walls. Certain varieties of ornamental grass also bring vibrant colors to your landscaping. Little bluestem comes alive in the fall with shades of red, purple, and orange, while purple fountain grass is a beautiful burgundy all season long. Other popular ornamental grasses include blue fescue, switchgrass, and feather grass.

2. Butterflies and Hummingbirds

Bright colors will attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your gardens.  Flowers such as bee balm, plox, hollyhock, and verbena are appealing to these enchanting little creatures. Hummingbirds are also very fond of trumpet vine (sometimes called trumpet creeper). Besides being delightful to watch, hummingbirds and butterflies are great pollinators, and hummingbirds also dine on mosquitoes, aphids, and gnats.

3. Birds

Birds also help with pollination and pest control, as well as snacking on weed seeds. All this and they sing, too. Invite them into your yard with berry-producing plants such as chokeberry, serviceberry, and winterberry. Crab-apple is another favorite of birds, and will beautify your yard with its springtime blossoms.

4. Water

Water features incorporated into your landscaping can turn your lawn into a blissful retreat. Water brings soothing sounds and attracts wildlife such as birds, dragonflies, and frogs. You needn’t dig a pond to enjoy the beauty and music of water; small fountains are easy to make yourself using an attractive container and a recirculating pump. If space is limited, a wall fountain is an easy and whimsical option. Even a simple birdbath can add tranquility and help transform your garden into a welcoming natural habitat.

5. Light

Adding light to your landscaping adds ambiance and gives you more hours of enjoyment. It serves the practical purpose of lighting up walkways, but can also be used to illuminate interesting shapes and cast graceful, dancing shadows. You can light up waterfalls, highlight focal points, and accentuate architectural features. Low-voltage lighting won’t spike your electric bill, and LED lights are a low maintenance, long lasting option.