Custom Landscape Lighting for Your Home

Your home is a castle against the night. That doesn’t mean it needs to appear dark and brooding before the dawn. Customized landscape lighting will bring a cheerful mood to visitors and family members. Smart placement of lighting facets will also highlight the best features of any house. If you ever decide to sell your house, the built-in landscape lighting will add value to it. Also, well-planned lighting discourages burglary and adds security.

  • Thinking Over Your Needs

    Changing your mind after installation is expensive. It’s best to think first about what you want the lighting system to do. Do you want it to illuminate your front steps to avoid tripping? Do you want it to banish dark shadows in a corner of your property? Is there a favored feature you want lit up for public admiration? Is your proposed system meant to be practical, or is it meant for an artistic display of flowers and statues? You can have it both ways if you want, but planning ahead will result in better integration of your purposes.

  • Extra Frills for the Win

    Manufacturers offer many different designs for lighting nodes. Some designs look like antique lamps, and other designs look as if they just escaped from the Jetsons. You can choose colored lights as well. Perhaps you would like a gentle blue glow against your back fence or wall. Perhaps a lively pink light works better for your front porch. A landscape designer can help you figure out what colors and brightness levels work best. Your crazy Aunt Matilda may have ideas too. Sometimes, subdued white lights across the board fit better into a subtle theme.

  • Is Your Budget Happy?

    Paying for all the equipment you need for a lighting system might cost more than you expected. Some properties cover a lot of ground. Your system might need a considerable amount of wiring and many low-voltage transformers. You might also need to pay an electrician for safe installation. Don’t forget to account for expected operation costs such as electricity and regular maintenance. If necessary, you can install your system in several phases. Repeated visits may cost a little more for labor. If you think ahead, though, it’ll all work out.

  • Fussing With Your Lights

    Once you’ve installed and powered up your system, aim the lights where you want them. Fiddle with the brightness until you achieve the desired effect. Keep in mind that trees and bushes cast shadows. You may need to work around the limitations of fixed lights in your system. Once it’s all adjusted to your liking, sit back and be happy!