Creatively maximizing storage

The question that plagues so many of us when we look out into our yard is how can I store my stuff without creating an eye sore?

  • Below are 10 storage ideas that can be created from re-purposed materials, look a whole lot better and can be less expensive than what the box stores tell us to buy.

  • Re-used 2×4’s, Plywood and Stain create a beautiful bench and planter set.

  • The Home Depot Special – Wood crates screwed together and stained create a great outdoor table with lots of storage.

  • Using extra siding and shutters you can create a shed that blends into the architecture of your home seamlessly.

  • Re-using old pallets and giving them a counter top and paint job you can create an inexpensive counter with a ton of storage.

  • If a counter is a little too much, a pallet on its side will keep those garden tools organized.

  • Custom designing a shed that is narrower and to your specifications, you will be much happier with the results.

  • Have an awkward space under your deck? a built in cabinet is a great use of the space and will not cost much more than filter fabric and decorative rock.

  • Have a little more room under your deck but not enough to actually use? Build your shed right under the deck.

  • Hide those unsightly refuse containers with a cedar cabinet!

Get creative with your storage, and keep making those out door living dreams come to life!

William Packolyk

Associate AALA, Blarch