Benefits of Junipers

If you are planning to landscape your whole yard or just looking for a new shrub or tree to enhance your existing landscaping, you can’t do much better than a juniper. Not only sherwood park juniperdoes a juniper add evergreen beauty to almost any location, but they are also friendly to wildlife, giving them shelter and food in the winter.

Part of the attraction of junipers is the wide variety available. There are dozens of species of junipers available in almost any size and shape. The size of junipers range from Chinese junipers groomed for bonsai trees to western junipers that have grown to over 80 feet high. Junipers at your local nursery will be somewhere between these extremes, but whether you want a low growing ground cover or majestic conical tree to line a drive, junipers cover all the bases.

The color of junipers can range from a deep green to a vibrant blue, and since they are evergreens, they will give splashes of color to your home and yard year around. Because of the dense foliage all year, and the variety of sizes and shapes, junipers make ideal foundation plants. Imagine a green border all the way around your house, conforming to windows, doors, walkways and wall space, creating a custom landscaping detail.

For the wildlife lover, junipers are an excellent choice as well. Birds will be attracted to these evergreens during the winter, as the berries supply food and the dense foliage supply shelter. In addition, many butterflies feed exclusively on various juniper species.

If you need a hearty, care-free and flexible shrub or tree for your next landscaping project, go green with junipers.

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