Adding curb appeal to your house

Curb appeal is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, and yet all too often we fall victim to a bland or unsightly front yard. Below is a list of a few things you can do to help your curb appeal, personality and function to your front yard.

Adding container planting will help bring plants, contrast and texture to areas that can otherwise be monotonous

Create a sense of arrival with an arbor

Define your spaces with a fence or hedge

The door is the face of your house, make a statement with it and draw the attention away from the garage

Add sentinel design elements to signal key transition points

Bold house numbers will make a statement and give you the chance to personalize

Water features can add dramatic effect and be a real stand out feature

Updated mail boxes and hardware will easily refresh the look of your homeSlide Title

Siding and Paint

Re-side your house, paint the stucco or add veneering to make a dramatic change to the personality of your home. Be careful to use classic colours, while you do want to personalize your property, colours that are too eccentric can be an eye sore and counter productive

Variety of Landscapes

Have a balance of textures on the ground, too much one ground cover is boring, mundane and simply does not look good(such as all sod, or all rock)

Adding lighting can bring a dynamic and eye catching addition to your property

House and Roof Maintenance

As simple as it may seem, all too often home fall into disrepair – keep your home in good condition. Replace rotten wood, repair cracked concrete, pull weeds, replace warped shingles and so on.

Below are two examples of front yard make overs Little Creek Landscaping has done recently.

Follow these pointers and your front yard will be looking great in no time! Keep bringing your outdoor living dreams to life.

William Packolyk, Associate AALA, BLarch