A Crash Course in Gardening Preparation

It’s hard to say no to flowers, but planting every single one you’ve seen at your local gardening centre without any consideration for location, soil, and presentation should almost be a criminal offense.

When planting flowers in your garden, or anywhere else in your yard, location is pivotal. Consider the type of sunlight plants will receive. Some plants thrive in a high degree of sunlight, while others don’t. Further, try to keep your garden away from frequented paths. Flowers in areas as such, are susceptible to trampling. Wild flowers especially need a lot of room to spread; educating yourself on the nature and character of the flowers you intend to plant will also impact the location selection.

Once you are confident in the location(s) you’ve chosen for planting, check the soil. Little Creek Landscaping is particularly instrumental in tasks such as assessing your soil. Our experts can investigate the location and determine whether further landscaping must ensue to ensure that your flowers can thrive from the ground up. For a more intensive assessment, you can enlist our Grading technicians to guarantee you get the most out of your landscaping. If your soil is ideal, however, for planting flowers you can begin thinking about the theme, aesthetic, and overall presentation.

It may make you happy arranging your flowers randomly, but we recommend having a theme or an idea to execute the best garden. When deciding where to plant your flowers, reflect on factors such as colour, the species and type of flower, and the common aesthetic throughout your home and yard. Your plants do not necessarily have to match, but you also don’t want them to clash.

If you need help getting your garden started, contact Little Creek Landscaping and we’ll assist you.