A Beginner’s Guider to Deck-Building

Deck building can be uneventful when you are completely clueless to what it entails. Our landscapers at Little Creek Landscaping try and mitigate this by conducting thorough consultations. However, we encourage our clients to be as active and invested in the process as they are able to.

You can increase your deck-building knowledge by engaging in research.  We understand that you may have your hands full—we’ll assist you along the way, but every bit helps us help you. An ideal starting point is simply learning your yard. Begin by thinking about the size of the deck you envision; size certainly matters. Once you have narrowed down the size you can curate style and design concepts.  If you need inspiration, our website has an archive of photographs from past deck landscaping contracts we completed.

Once you’ve seen all the photos and constructed a general idea of what you’d like, you can visit your local hardware store to bring some of your theories to fruition. For example, if you read about a particular kind of wood find it in the store and get acquainted with its texture. Being this active in the process can also spark change in the initial plans you had intended. There is nothing wrong with experimenting.

Investing in the research above is not recommended, but it can certainly help you understand more of what we do as landscapers. Finally, if you still wish to play a greater role in building your deck, familiarize yourself with some of the key terms below so once we’re in your backyard you can relate to our conversations and feel included; we may just bring you a hard hat so you can hold the hammer and nails.

Decking: material installed over the supporting framing members to which the roofing material is applied

Post: Any vertical support member

Footing: The base on which a masonry wall or other support rests. It spreads out the load to prevent settling

Toenail: To drive nails at an angle

Joists: Horizontal framing members that support a floor or ceiling

*Definitions from Lowes.com