5 Plants that Look Great and Keep Bugs Away

5 Plants that Look Great and Keep Bugs Away

Nothing can improve the look of a home better than a beautifully landscaped yard. A licensedlandscape professional will know which plants will look best, which will fit into the neighborhood and which may help increase the value of a home. If you are trying to sell your home, a perfectly landscaped yard can be the first thing a potential buyer will notice and it might just be the thing that wins you the sale price you want.

A great landscape design is also important even if you’re not trying to sale your home. Do you tend to attract bugs and walk back inside covered with bites from head to toe no matter how long you stay outside? If so, you may want to consult with the landscaping crew. Most people who enjoy time spent with nature also love to have beautiful plants around their home. While some plants will attract bugs, there are also some that will keep the bugs away.

If you are planning to do a little landscaping around your home, you may want to consider some options for bug repellent plants. Be sure to seek the advice of a good contractor who can assist with your landscaping needs to ensure your plants are precisely what you want around your home.

Here are 5 plants that not only look great, but they are also ideal for keeping bugs away.


Lavender is a beautiful plant that can be easy to grow and will help accent any lawn with vibrant color. It is also a plat that repels insects such as flies and mosquitos. The flowers are fragrant and they are hardy plants that can withstand the high temperatures of the summer sun. Lavender plants can grow as tall as 3-4 feet tall. These beautiful plants can also be planted indoors if you ensure they have plenty of direct sunlight.


These beautiful flowers are one of the easiest to grow and can be planted early in the spring to grow and bloom by the summer. They should be planted in an area that allows full exposure to sunshine and in fertile soil. They are great for help with repelling many insects including spider mites, harlequin bugs, Japanese beetles, silverfish, ticks and many others. If you have pets that go outside, these beautiful flowers will be a great addition to your lawn and will even be a good way to help keep the fleas away from your pet.


Petunias are another beautiful flower that is easy to grow and maintain. Many people plant them around their mailboxes as well as around the perimeter of their home. They need plenty of sunshine and are ideal to grow right next to tomatoes and other garden vegetables. They help repel quite a few insects including asparagus beetles, squash bugs and tomato hornworms.

Venus Flytrap

The Venus Flytrap is ideal for one who enjoys unique plants. This carnivorous little plant will help keep away flying insects including of course, flies as well as other small insects. Yes, as the name would suggest, a Venus Flytrap should be fed flies. They can, however, go up to several months without being fed. They need to be planted in a bright, sunny area with acidic soil. They can also thrive well inside a terrarium. These plants need to go into a dormant phase during the cold, winter months but should not be exposed to temperatures lower than around 36 degrees Fahrenheit.

Red Flowering Gum Tree

While this is a tree and will take a little more time to grow than a small plant will, it is one of the best plants to help repel mosquitos. The flowering tree is not only beautiful, but it is also a very fragrant tree and a great addition to any back yard. This tree will grow well in many climates and will thrive even when there is a drought. It is also a good plant to help attract birds and other small wildlife because of the fragrance it exudes.

You may also want to consider planting marigolds, lemongrass, citrosa or lantana to help repel insects throughout the spring and summer when they may be at their worst. When you hire the right landscaper for the job, be sure to let them know it is important to you to have plants to repel bugs and they will work with you to ensure your garden and other areas around the home not only look perfect, but that they will also help keep the unwanted pests away so you can enjoy your time outdoors.