5 Gorgeous Perennials For Fall Colour

Are you hoping to have some colour in your garden this autumn? Many gardeners believe that this may only be achieved through the use of trees and shrubs, especially in colder climates such as Edmonton. However, it is definitely possible to have some floral colour adorning your outdoor sanctuary, in spite of the fact that many plants are finished blooming by the end of summer.

There are quite a few beautiful perennials which, while they may not fare as well in pots, will nevertheless do exceptionally well when planted in the ground directly.

Among the hardiest of these plants is the gorgeous Anemone (Ranunculaceae). Known as the “windflower,” the Anemone was created by the ancient goddess Venus upon the death of her lover, Adonis, according to Greek mythology. The Anemone is known for its vibrant hues of pink, red, and purple, and is a favourite among gardeners. The “Robustissima” variety blooms in late summer and grows to 2 feet tall. Unlike other varieties of Anemones, which will not fare well in the harsher Edmonton climate, the “Robusitissima” Anemone is strong and produces pastel pink flowers, and due to its height, makes a lovely groundcover for ponds.

Bugbane (Snakeroot, or “Actaea racemosa  Atropurpurea”) has beautiful, purplish black foliage reminiscent of ferns, and white, bottle-brush style flowers. Bugbane grows about 3 feet tall and neither suffers from diseases nor does it attract pests, but it will bring you a host of butterflies! Even after the blooms have long since faded and frost comes, the brilliant foliage makes Bugbane a must for any autumn garden.

The Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) is both a member of the Daisy family and known for its medicinal properties—Echinacea is a famous cold remedy. Available in pink, orange, white or yellow, the Daisy-like plant may grow anywhere from 3-5 feet tall.

The so-called “False Sunflower” is a perennial variety of the Asteraceae (that is, the Sunflower and Daisy) family, and its elegant Latin name is “Heliopsis helianthoides.” A powerful plant which (obviously) adores sunlight, the False Sunflower makes excellent cuttings and is perfect for borders, due to its vast height—a full 6 feet tall! But one thing to watch out for is that this bright yellow perennial self-seeds with all the determination of a Poppy, so keep your eye on it or it just might take over your garden.

Finally, there is the Joe Pye Weed (Eupatorium purpureum), with its intricate, pale mauve-coloured flowers. While Joe Pye is officially considered a perennial, it is more like a shrub, and like the False Sunflower, works well in borders, particularly since it grows up to 5 feet in height. A long-lasting plant, the blooms last from the end of August through until (severe) frost takes over.

These are by no means the only options for adding splashes of brilliant colour to your garden, but they offer a good starting point.

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