10 uses for your yard in the winter

With Winter upon us, and our yards little more than a forgotten space,  I would like to share with you ten of my favorite uses for the backyard in winter:

  • Ice Rink

    1: The Canadian classic backyard hockey rink

  • Freezing Bubbles

    2. Skating is not for everyone, but bubbles are not just for the summer. The soap freezes in the winter and kids can make some cool bubble sculptures.

  • Curling Rink

    3. The outdoor curling rink is not one thought of very often, but is a lot of fun on a warm winter day with a bunch of friends.

  • Maple Taffy

    4. A truly Canadian treat! Maple syrup and snow, an easy snow cone the whole family will love.

  • Ice Castles

    5. Not just snow forts but ICE forts. A little water and this will last all winter!

  • Beer Fridge

    6. During the holidays space in the fridge comes at a premium, but if you invest a little time a beer fridge will always be just steps away.

  • Christmas Decor

    7. We spend a lot of time decorating the front of our yards, but adding decoration to the back will bring Christmas cheer to your whole landscape.

  • Bonfires

    8. Just because its winter does not mean a roaring bonfire cant still be enjoyed!

  • Hot Tubs

    9. The Hot Tub is a four season activity that can be a whole lot of fun!

  • Igloo

    10. The backyard Igloo is a ton of fun for everyone!

Stay warm, enjoy your landscape this winter and keep bringing your outdoor living dreams to life!

William Packolyk,  Blarch, Associate AALA