What is the Point? Why Coniferous plants have a place in our gardens


Every fall we say goodbye to another season of beautiful flowers and perennials.  With the on set of fall, we see five months of dreary snowy blah.  If you have laid out your garden with careful planning, you may be able to create some interesting textures and colours from the bark colour of shrubs and […]

Fruit Trees in Alberta


One of the most common requests we get from clients is to include an apple tree in their yard.  More often than not what they mean is they would like to have an edible plant.  Most people do not realize that there are so many more options than just apple trees that you can grow […]

Whats New In Pavers


When we think of a patio, most of us think simply of a Holland stone patio in a herringbone or bond pattern.  We do not need to limit ourselves to the outdated preconceptions, there are so many more choices on the market now.  There are two leading manufacturers in Edmonton and Calgary: Expocrete and Barkman; there are a […]

Landscaping and Design in Sherwood Park

Front Yard Landscaping Edmonton

A unique alpine style yard in Sherwood Park, with just the shrubs and Vegetable garden to go. Another outdoor living dream brought to life by Little Creek Landscaping Ltd. Check out the videos here:

Should you hire a landscape designer?

Back Yard Grass & Patio

Before you start your landscape project, consider a professional design. Check out this article on Canadian Living about hiring a landscape designer. Continue on to the article

Designing Planting Beds in Edmonton


Garden design in Edmonton can be challenging. There are many factors to consider before even starting to design your garden such as: climactic zones, micro-climates, soil composition and drainage. The Edmonton climatic zone is Zone 3b, this does limit the choices we can make with regard to plant selection. In ideal circumstances we may be […]

Dangers of Foundation Settling to Your Landscape

Paving Stones Edmonton

Buying a brand new home can be a very exciting time for the home owner, and with that excitement can bring an eagerness to begin your new landscape project. Caution and understanding of common building practices in Edmonton is extremely important before you begin any work. Typically when a home foundation is being poured, the […]

The Genesis of Little Creek Landscaping


I would like in this blog to share with you the genesis of our name and logo. About Ten years ago, our founder Greg Linker was sitting in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, enjoying the sound of a creek rushing and the majesty of Mother Earth. He marveled at the precision with which natural […]